EV Charging Is The Future

July 26, 2022

The EV charging industry is moving fast and furious, with new considerations each and every day. Companies and municipalities alike have been working continuously to provide a solution for the rapidly growing consumer base with an EV vehicle. With over 115 years of experience in the electrical industry, Grand Kahn has seen the electrical landscape change over time.

There is opportunity to grow with the shifting need for a connected network of EV charging stations, nationwide. Our EV solution revolves around your specific needs. We understand the many factors affect your decision to invest in EV charging and can help walk you through the best fit for your location. There are also consistencies that help us move the process forward quicker. Let us know about your needs with our EV charging custom quote form.

Here in the United States, the current goal is to bring half of all car sales to be EV vehicles by 2030. With such an ambitious goal, we are doubling down with our solution to provide quality, affordable solutions that meet your needs. Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin and now Illinois have all come together to begin building a connected EV network throughout these states. With Chicago as a central pass-through, we know the challenges and solutions to build upon that work already being done.

There are benefits to investing in bringing EV solutions to your locations. Some financial, some social, and early adoption of the future of electric is key to your success.

If you are interested in bringing EV to your locations, fill out our EV charging custom quote form.

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