November 7, 2022

Grand Kahn AMA Video

A few months ago, we sat down with Terry Jones, Director of Field Operations, and Spencer Kamke, Electric Vehicle Charging & Special Project Team to talk about the electrical construction industry. Our discussion hit on technology, innovative products, and the two shared some personal stories from their experiences over the years.

September 1, 2022

Grand Kahn AMA

July 26, 2022

EV Charging Is The Future

July 26, 2022

Grand Kahn Hole Sponsor at AFCOM Golf Outing

July 26, 2022

1044 West Van Buren

July 26, 2022

AFCOM Chicago Event at Element Critical

July 26, 2022

Terry Jones Brings Home The Trophy

April 5, 2020

Grand Kahn Electric Acquires Suburban Communications